We are your local full service provider for HONDA, WISCONSIN, and TECUMSEH engines.

We work on many different brands of engines…household namebrands like HONDA. We also have parts and service for “tough to find” brands such as WISCONSIN and TECUMSEH. Give us a try today. We can help!

Small propane engines are a niche specialty of ours. Those little fuel-efficient, clean burning engines of less than 30 HP fit our hand perfectly. Check out what we can do for you on LP engines today!

We do IN HOUSE or ONSITE engine service work.

We have the expertise and tools to do your engine work right in our shop. We have specialized lifts and other tools to speed up our service. You’re welcome to do the work yourself; but we’d be happy to do it for you…promptly and at a fair price too.

Sometimes engines are not easily brought to a full service shop. They’re probably installed in a stationary machine or outback on the farm somewhere. And, when the engine quits, there the machine sits! No fear, we’ll send a service technician to your site today!